A film analysis of 300

At first he thought he had brought in proof of Bigfoot 's existence and really expected the scientists to accept it. But only a few scientists were willing to even look at the film," [80] usually at showings at scientific organizations. These were usually arranged at the behest of zoologist, author, and media figure Ivan Sandersona supporter of Patterson's film. Of those who were quoted, most expressed various reservations, although some were willing to say they were intrigued by it.

A film analysis of 300

Greatest Introduction Considering their spots atop just about every best list in existence, the idea that The Godfather and The Godfather Part II are the greatest films ever made may seem more like a sacred truth than something still up for debate.

If you fall into this category, I beg you to reconsider. From the get-go, we learn Michael is the only one who has not gotten mixed up in the family business, widely known to be organized crime.

Before long, he has blood on his hands and must flee to Sicily. The all-out gang war claims the life of Sonny, who falls for a toll booth trap while on a hot-head revenge mission for his sister. After the death of Sonny, Don Vito decides the violence has gone far enough. He strikes a peace deal with the heads of the Five Families, allowing Michael to return and take over control of the Family.

When Michael returns to the States, his first act is to track down Kay. He asks her to marry him, and they have two kids.

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The sequel tells two simultaneous tales: In the other, we pick up where the first film left off, with Michael having taken his family to Nevada, where he, Kay and their children live a life of luxury on Lake Tahoe.

The attempt fails and Michael realizes there must be a traitor inside the Family. While he tries to figure out the mole, he continues to expand his crime syndicate, meeting with hated Miami rival Hyman Roth Lee Strasbergwhom he suspects gave the assassination order.

The two crime bosses feign friendship and do business together in pre-revolution Havana, but both secretly want to do away with the other. Eventually, Roth outsmarts Michael and the audience by staging a fake assassination attempt on a longtime Corleone Family friend, Frankie Pentangeli Michael V.

Believing it was Michael who tried to kill him, Pentangeli becomes an FBI informant and has Michael summoned before a Congressional committee on organized crime.

As Tom and Frankie lament in a powerful prison scene, the Corleones have suffered the same fate as the Roman Empire.

Michael is left to ponder this as he sits alone at his Lake Tahoe estate, weighing the consequences of his actions and recalling better times when his loved ones were still alive. Need more proof of cast depth?

How often does a single film earn four Oscar nominations for acting? Duvall was the perfect cast for Tom Hagen, combining real pathos with evil cunning.

A film analysis of 300

The film earned Duvall his first of six career nominations, earning another with Coppola in Apocalypse Now and setting up his eventual win for Tender Mercies The studio execs initially wanted Caan to read for Michaelhaving fingered Burt Reynolds for Sonny, but both Brando and Coppola fought hard for Caan.

Needless to say, they got the right Sonny. Oscar also shut his door on Diane Keaton, who did not earn a nomination for either of the two films. Together, the two are fireworks. What a shame, too, because the idea of Clemenza committing suicide in a bathtub like the fallen Roman Empire would have brilliantly paralleled the scene where a Young Clemenza launches the Corleone Family by handing Young Vito his first guns, examined in a tiny apartment bathtub.

He knew who he wanted, and he got them.The Controversy: A Case Study in the Politics of Adaptation Dan Hassler-Forest.

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Since its release in March , Zack Snyder’s film adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel has been the subject of heated debate.

Not only have most American critics from both sides of the political divide focused on the film’s political subtext, it has even .

' is a totally riveting masterpiece of film making. Zack Snyder, inspired by the graphic novel, has brought a year-old news story to life with people you really care about who are faced 60%().

A film analysis of 300

Essay on A Film Analysis of “” Grant Godfrey Film Appreciation 11/27/09 Glory or Death A Film Analysis of “ ” Most people have heard the story of King Leonidas and the bold three hundred; but for the people that have never heard of the three hundred Spartans until the movie came out, it definitely opened their eyes after.

The Patterson–Gimlin film (also known as the Patterson film or the PGF) is an American short motion picture of an unidentified subject which the filmmakers have said was a barnweddingvt.com footage was shot in in Northern California, and has since been subjected to many attempts to authenticate or debunk it.

The footage was filmed alongside Bluff Creek, a tributary of the Klamath River, about.

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Jonathan Hewitt ENG Cicely Denean-Cobb October 2, The film I have chosen to do my critique on is Zack Snyder’s is a film about King Leonidas, the King of Sparta, and his Spartan warriors who all stood up against the God-king Xerxes and his massive Persian army from annihilation.

is a American epic war film based on the comic series of the same name by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley. Both are fictionalized retellings of the Battle of Thermopylae within the Persian Wars. The film was directed by Zack Snyder, while Miller served as executive producer and consultant.

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