Antibiotic resistant bacteria essay

The development of antibiotic-resistance among bacteria is a major issue in healthcare, but is widely misunderstood by the general public. The World Health Organization recently released a report on the extent of antibiotic resistance world-wide.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria essay

The antibacterial drugs antibiotics are used to treat bacterial diseases. In Nigeria, people have been noted to be using them to treat viral diseases.

The scenario falls well under the description of misuse since the drugs are being used for other purposes other than their intended purpose. The misuse in turn, causes antibiotic resistance which renders all drugs used to treat bacterial diseases useless Allison et al.

Research has indicated that over 10 million individuals will die of increased antibiotic resistance by the year if the situation is not put under control.

Background Although the situation is relatively more pronounced in Nigeria, it is a global issue that has raised a Antibiotic resistant bacteria essay amount of concern. The bacteria that survived the treatment will now develop resistance to that particular form of drug and stronger variants of antibiotics may be needed.

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The dosage given is also insufficient hence the bacteria in the second individual may also gain some resistance as well. In Nigeria specifically, the reason behind this peculiar behavior is the lack of funds or appropriate doctor prescriptions to gain access to the drugs.

Most people end up employing the easy way out and gain the drugs from their friends or relatives. It is believed that the individuals resort to this act because they are mostly unaware of the consequences that come with their action Uria, et al. So, the misuse can be attributed to a lack of awareness.

Other individuals are well aware of the implications but they chose to ignore them. This is an act of negligence which has farfetched undesirable outcomes in the future. Negligence is also well noted in situations where an individual fails to finish the entire prescribed dosage.

This is due to the fact that they experience relief after consuming a mere portion of the dosage. In areas of poverty, this act is most prevalent. In developing countries, economies are at their lowest and most individuals are unable to afford relatively high priced drugs.

Another common form of misuse which has been present for a significant amount of time is the use of the antibiotics to treat viral diseases. This is a common misconception as the drugs are intended to treat bacterial diseases and not viral diseases. Effects of Misuse The misuse of antibacterial drugs, as already stated above, leads to bacterial resistance Uria, et al.


It is common knowledge that bacteria and other microorganisms are in a constant cycle of mutation in order to suit themselves for survival in their respective environments. If an individual fails to finish his or her prescribed dosage of drugs, the surviving bacteria may develop resistance to that particular drug hence future treatments with that drug may not be as effective.

In the event that the disease is transmitted to someone else, the new host will become acclaimed with the resistant variant of the infection, hence similar drugs will be shown to be ineffective.

Incurable diseases will be on the rise and number of deaths will be at an alarming increase. As already been stated above, a large majority of individuals engage in this misuse since they are unaware of the implications that come with their actions.Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Bacteria’s are one-celled organisms that were discovered in by Anthony Van Leeuwenhoek.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria essay

Many people like to define bacteria as a germ, but in reality germs are a form of bacteria. Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Perform some research using high-quality literature. The development of antibiotic-resistance among bacteria is a major issue in healthcare, but .

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Work on antibiotic-catabolizing bacteria was reported in the s, but the studies of Dantas and colleagues have exposed the full extent and distribution of degradation/r genes in the environment and further verified the roles played by reservoirs of soil bacteria as origins of antibiotic r genes.

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria is bacteria that has mutated and have become immune to antibiotics to treat them. In the ’s antibiotics have been shown to treat several types of infectious diseases.

Project description Summarize, evaluate, and argue the validity of the data that demonstrate the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Then present a plan for reducing this problem in.

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