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Base details

The pitcher makes a pick to first Often when there is a runner on first, we are concerned about them stealing second. Or worse, the overthrow gets down the right field line and the runner advances to third on the play.

General purpose

Success in baseball is often a matter of minimizing mistakes. A place where losing teams self-inflict many mistakes is attempted pick-off throws.

The flip side to this situation is, many teams that win at the youth level, where lead-offs and stealing are just being introduced, do so by keeping the opposing team from running wild on the bases. First, they teach their pitchers and players a proper mindset for making throws to first and bases occupied by runners in general.

Then, with that mindset established, they practice throws to bases using fundamentally sound techniques. That long used phrase has morphed into the mindset that the purpose of this play is to generate an out — pick the base runner off first.

Base details

Also, pitchers often try to throw the ball too close to the ground where the first baseman would be in a better position to apply a tag. What percentage of throws to first base result in an out? By practicing with this mindset, our pitchers became very good at confidently making catchable throws.

Given this new mindset, our pitchers learned to coolly and confidently throw over to first more frequently. And, through our teaching, give them the confidence to throw over more frequently. The process for teaching and training pitchers to throw consistently well to first base begins with Training proper footwork.

In the process they separate their hands and bring their elbows up to shoulder height to a throwing power position.

At the end of the action, we want their feet to be wider than shoulder width and be able to draw a straight line from the tip of their right foot, through the tip of their left foot, to first base. The line from their back elbow, through their shoulders, to their left elbow also needs to be straight towards first base.

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The purpose of the drill is to train this action, so the pitcher is in a good throwing position and lined up properly to throw to first base, each time they execute the action…this is more than a one day process.

It can be done along one of the foul lines in the outfield leaving the infield area for position players to work. Also, it can be done simultaneously be your entire pitching staff.

This action is executed over and over with the pitchers and coach checking their body alignment after each repetition.

WSDOT - Standard Plans

If time allows, do not advance to Step 4 on your first day of work. Ideally we hold off on step 4 till our third workout. We must monitor the pace of their actions. Kids naturally want to show how good they are at physical skills; they will try to go too fast, too soon.

We Will have to remind them to work at a Controlled pace and explain to them that First they need to develop the muscle memory of the actions.

Then, after they have demonstrated consistency in executing the actions, we can start to speed things up …on days 3, 4 and beyond.

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