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He currently wears silicone liners with pin lock on both residual limbs as a means of suspension and could not imagine any other type of system. He has been wearing these type of prostheses since his amputation 8 years ago. We decided to continue with the same type of suspension system, but instead address the sweating issue.

Blog prothesis

Traveling two weeks or more of every month to hospitals and private orthotic and prosthetic clinics across the US has provided him with a unique opportunity to assist clinicians with challenging prosthetic fittings and gain insight into developing prosthetic industry trends.

Read his experiences and discover how Otto Bock HealthCare is impacting patient care across the country. Robert became a bi-lateral below knee amputee in This was due to a auto accident he had in Ohio.

While in rehabilitation after his accident Robert found he enjoyed the challenge Blog prothesis getting back on his feet and getting his life and priorities back on track.

During this process he also realized he truly enjoyed helping others with these challenges.

Blog prothesis

Since the accident he has went to the Ohio State University and graduated with a B. He and his wife, Andrea, co-founded a support group for amputees in Ohio.

Through the ACA he completed the Peer Certification course and even arranged for them to come to their support group and certify 20 of the members so they could also continue to help others. Robert and his wife recently moved to Saint Petersburg, Florida so he could pursue a degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics, in order to continue to help others successfully overcome the challenges after an accident or illness.

Since they have moved to Florida they have become very active with a local support group for amputees and continue to assist amputees whenever they can. Robert enjoys being active outdoors and playing sports. Since his accident Robert has enjoyed snow and water skiing, kayaking, wheelchair basketball, and hand cycling.

Blog prothesis

Always challenging himself to be the best he is capable of and embracing life for all it has to offer.Penile prostheses are semi-rigid or inflatable devices that are implanted into penises to alleviate impotence. Purpose The penis is composed of one channel for urine and semen, and three compartments with tough, fibrous walls containing erectile tissue.

Digital Trends traveled out to Elkhart, Indiana to watch "the world's first exo-bionic racing mech" take its first steps -- and it didn't quite go like we thought it would.

Our company, Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. offers everything from finger prosthetics to a variety of facial prosthesis for adults and children of any age. The purpose of this blog is to bring more insight into the work that we do and why we do it. There are different types of prostheses, with different features, and you can discuss the options with your doctor.

A hip replacement can be performed using either a cement or non-cement type of glue. Please tell us about yourself. When lower limb amputees are fitted with a powered prosthesis, a technician sets the device’s performance parameters in a clinical setting where the person is walking on a flat, level surface.

This blog is intended to allow people to get some "real life" experience information when considering having penile implant surgery performed.

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