Dissertations on the impact of curriculum mapping on diverse learners

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Dissertations on the impact of curriculum mapping on diverse learners

Superintendents, principals and special education administrators are key personnel in retaining teachers. In addition, the role of administration in retention and support for special educators is particularly crucial given a history of exclusion and isolation from general education that many special educators have experienced.

Section One in this document summarizes the critical importance of administration in teacher retention. School leaders at all levels of education can use the resources and strategies in this document to strengthen their efforts to ensure that students learn with high quality teachers.

Often, assistant superintendents, vice principals, or others are responsible for certain areas and this needs to be acknowledged when reading the strategies that are recommended.

Further, some issues discussed here are building level, while others are district level. The categories described in Section Two touch on most aspects of effective school leadership.

Dissertations on the impact of curriculum mapping on diverse learners

Therefore, this section will describe administrative strategies specific to those categories. A more in-depth and complete description of those strategies can be found in Appendix Following is a compilation of strategies and recommendations that can be useful in retaining quality staff.

Dissertations on the impact of curriculum mapping on diverse learners

Because so much is being asked of those in leadership positions, it should be acknowledged that they also need support in order to do their jobs more effectively.

They also need professional development designed to help them be better leaders. Teachers often complain that decisions affecting them are usually made without their knowledge.

Leaders need to involve teachers in making decisions. For example, leaders can involve staff in departmental scheduling, student scheduling and duty assignments Price, Every school should have a mission statement and a vision based on shared values and beliefs.

Leaders can engage all stakeholders in the process of developing the mission statement and vision for the school that provides focus and direction for all involved. If the school already has a mission and vision, revisit them occasionally with the stakeholders involved.

Good leaders encourage others to be leaders and help bring out those qualities. Therefore, if teachers attend a conference or workshop, have them share their knowledge with the rest of the staff when they return. Leaders can have experienced teachers work together to solve an instructional problem Spitz, Administrators must be familiar with available resources to support the diverse needs of students, families and staff and must know how to access additional support in order to ensure appropriate education for all students and support for teachers.

For example, leaders can make sure English as a Second Language and bilingual programs are effectively supported DiPaola, Walther-Thomas, They can make special education concerns integral when planning for professional development, distribution of materials, books, classroom space and equipment.

They can ensure that special education is not put at the end of the line as an afterthought CEC, Compensation plays a major role in retaining teachers. School leaders should develop teacher compensation packages that demonstrate that they are valued Gareis, Strong, et al.

Leaders can use salaries and bonuses as incentives to retain teachers Billingsley, They also can put together a team of administrators and teachers to develop an incentive pay program Morice and Murray, School Climate Teachers and students will do their best work in a healthy, pleasant environment.

School leaders need to ensure a positive school climate and make the school a place where people want to be. Is there laughter in the school? Do teachers want to be here? Is the school staff united or are there cliques? Are new staff members welcomed?curriculum the student will be required to learn and will constitute mastery of the course Designing Lessons for Diverse Learners 3 the critical course ideas are mastered.

Finally, determine how students will demonstrate their mastery at the end of each unit and . curriculum development, planning, and instructional practices across content areas. Examines Plans should include daily mapping of what the intended lessons are.

More specifically students will address the following: Integrating and Adapting Curriculum Across Content Areas for Diverse Learners, K teaching english language learners Essay Dissertation Help.

How this will impact your teaching? Include 3 to 5 current peer-reviewed sources to support your analysis Coursework, Dissertations, Editing, Research Papers, and Research proposals. Header Button Label: Get Started Now Get Started Header Button Label: View writing samples . English Language Learners (ELLs).

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