Fieldtrip reflection paper

I really enjoyed visiting the textile museum and seeing the different ways that art can be seen in quilts. The quilts had so much symmetry in them and were beautifully made. I had never analyzed the art of quilting and it was very neat looking at the quilts from this point of view. The people who made these quilts probably never realized that they were doing math while they were quilting.

Fieldtrip reflection paper

Note that students may be nominated for General Awards. In particular, the Wellman Research Award above is given preferentially to younger scientists Other The Geoscience Society can and does nominate members for other awards such as those made by the Royal Society of NZ.

Contact any committee member if you Fieldtrip reflection paper like GSNZ to support a nomination.

Fieldtrip reflection paper

Some GSNZ branches also have their own student talk awards. These should be emailed to the Awards Subcommittee chairperson given on the individual nomination forms. The closing date for nominations is generally mid September.

For a summary of the awards click here. Nomination forms and templates for each award are downloadable below. When making nominations, please refer to the full by-laws covering these awards, including eligibility and nomination requirements see links above.

If anyone has any corrections, please contact the site webmaster. Except for the Hochstetter Lecture, the year given is the year of the Annual Conference at which the awards were Fieldtrip reflection paper.

McKay Hammer Award The McKay Hammer is awarded to the author or authors of the most meritorious contribution to geology published in the previous 3 calendar years. For the purposes of the award, a New Zealand contribution is any contribution by a New Zealand-based author.

The award shall be for one or more publications that have not already formed the basis of the award. Rules and guidelines for the McKay Hammer can be accessed hereand the nomination template here.

The New Zealand Geophysics Prize The prize shall be awarded to the author or authors of the most meritorious eligible publication in the field of geophysics. Rules and guidelines for the New Zealand Geophysics Prize can be accessed hereand the nomination template her e.

Hochstetter Lecturer The Hochstetter Lecture shall be delivered to each branch by a New Zealand earth scientist who is undertaking or who has recently completed a major and as yet unpublished study, and who has a reputation as a good, informative speaker.

The topic should be of interest to both professional and amateur audiences.

Beacon Lesson Plan Library

The lecturer shall be encouraged to present one or more support lectures at each centre with a university earth science department plus any other activity which he or she considers appropriate.

It is not necessarily about recognising a lifetime contribution to geoscientific research, rather it acknowledges outstanding, sustained contributions made to the successful and continued operations of the GSNZ and the wider geoscience community. Only one Honorary Member shall be elected in any one year.

Rules and guidelines for the Honoray Life membership can be accessed hereand the nomination template here. Kingma Award The award shall be made to the outstanding New Zealand earth science technician of that year, with the qualification that no person shall be eligible to receive the award more than once.

Eligibility shall be restricted to technicians employed in New Zealand in the field of earth sciences who have been employed in that field for at least 2 years, who have shown marked ability in their field of employment and who have made a notable contribution to the work of their institution, field team, etc.

For this award, the rules require both a nominator and a seconder and supportive references, or an application by a candidate supported by detailed curriculum vitae and 2 referees' reports. Rules and guidelines for the Kingma Award can be accessed hereand the nomination template here.

The award will be based on a research proposal, with preference being given to a younger scientist. There is no application form. A 1-page CV for the applicant should be attached. If requested, applicants should be prepared to be interviewed.

In considering applications, preference may be given to the sort of imaginative and innovative proposal that would have appealed to Harold Wellman. Rules and guidelines for the Wellman Research Award can be accessed hereand the nomination template here.

Harold Wellman Prize This is awarded at the discretion of the President. Rules and guidelines for the Harold Wellman Prize can be accessed here and the nomination template here.

Pullar-Vucetich Prize The prize shall be awarded to the author or co-authors of the most meritorious contribution to tephrochronological research in the New Zealand region published in the previous 3 years. Tephrochronological research shall be deemed to include its applications in any field of science, such as archaeology, geomorphology, oceanography, paleobotany, petrology, soil science, stratigraphy, neotectonics, wherein tephra studies are used to elucidate past events.

Rules and policies here and nomination template here. S H Wilson Prize This prize is awarded in recognition of a lifetime of service in New Zealand geochemistry, and is awarded no more frequently than once every four years.

The first award, as a combined society, was offered in Some information about Stuart Wilson is included here. Some information about Werner Giggenbach is included here. Young Researcher Travel Grant The purpose of this award is to fund fully or in part New Zealand early career earth science researchers and PhD students to attend and present a talk or poster at their first international conference.

The award will fund or contribute to funding of registration, travel and accommodation costs.đŸ”¥Citing and more!

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The first ever Transition Year graduation ceremony in St Conleth's Community College took place on 23 May.

Fieldtrip reflection paper

The students showcased a selection of their work and reflected on their achievements over the past year in the company of their classmates, parents, teachers and friends. Evaluating a Field Trip (Reflection) Topics: Education, The Field Trip Research Paper Can bizarre events actually happen on a field trip with a typical teacher, a normal class, coming from an ordinary school?

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