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This is the path I took after finishing part of grad school and I have no regrets whatsoever.

Gis memo

First Army set up its winter headquarters in the Belgian town of Spa.

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But in GIs hauled the roulette wheels and chemin-de-fer tables from beneath the crystal chandeliers in the casino on the Rue Royale, replacing them with field desks and triple bunks.

Hodges was an old-school soldier: He had flunked out of West Point—undone by plebe geometry—and risen through the ranks after enlisting as a private in The son of a newspaper publisher from southern Georgia, he was of average height but so erect that he appeared taller, with a domed forehead and prominent ears.

He smoked Old Golds in a long holder, favored bourbon and Dubonnet on ice with a dash of bitters, and messed formally every night, in jacket, necktie, and combat boots. He had been seen weeping by the road as trucks passed carrying wounded soldiers from the front.

One division commander said of him: Peevish and insulated, ever watchful for hints of disloyalty, Hodges showed an intolerance for perceived failure that was harsh even by the exacting standards of the U.

When the frayed commander of the 8th Infantry Division requested brief leave after his son was killed in action, Hodges sacked him. Major General William B. Kean, the able, ruthless chief of staff who was privately dubbed Captain Bligh and to whom Hodges ceded great authority; Brigadier General Truman C.

Thorson, the grim, chain-smoking operations officer nicknamed Tubby but also called Iago after the Shakespearean character who schemes to bring down his commander; and Colonel Benjamin A. Dickson, the brilliant, turbulent intelligence chief long known as Monk, a histrionic man of smoldering grievances.

As the members of this colicky command group settled into Spa and prepared for the coming campaign, they all agreed with the GIs: Eisenhower reiterated his plan for winning the war.

Antwerp was on the verge of falling to the Canadian First Army. Seven Allied armies would advance east apace, arrayed from north to south: Here lay the most promising frontage on the entire Allied line. Here was the Grimm forest primeval, a place of shades. German engineers more recently had pruned timber for fields of fire, built log bunkers with interlocking kill zones, and sowed mines by the thousands on trails and firebreaks; along one especially vicious trace, a mine could be found every eight paces for three miles.

One regiment took four days to move a mile; another needed five. By mid-October the division was still far short of Schmidt and had suffered 4, casualties to gain 3, yards—a man down every two feet—and no battalion in the two spearhead regiments could field more than men.Magis S.p.A.

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Gis memo

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