Historic maps of mississippi locator project essay

Table composed in 78 ms. But the richness of history is in its local details, details that can be insignificant on the global stage: History is not just about the high and mighty. Markers tell stories and point out facts.

Historic maps of mississippi locator project essay

Mississippi State History The land that is today the state of Mississippi was once the home to ancient cultures such as the Mound Builders and the Mississippian culture.

Historic maps of mississippi locator project essay

Over time these cultures disappeared and were replaced by Native American tribes. The three most dominant tribes were the ChickasawChoctaw, and the Natchez.

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The Chickasaw and the Choctaw were closely related. They both spoke the Muskogean language and were later considered part of the "Five Civilized Tribes. They were mostly fisherman and farmers.

He claimed the land for Spain, but it was over years later that French explorer La Salle again explored the area and claimed the land for France. At the time, Mississippi was considered part of a larger region called Louisiana. It was established by Frenchman Pierre d'Iberville in The French continued to build trading posts and forts in the region throughout the early s.

This included LeFleur's Bluff which would eventually become the city of Jackson. It then changed hands again to the United States after the Revolutionary War.

InMississippi became a U. The territory continued to grow and it played a vital role in the War of On December 10,the U. Congress made Mississippi the 20th state.

Historic maps of mississippi locator project essay

The original capital was Natchez, but the capital moved several times over the first few years until Jackson became the capital in Slavery The economy in Mississippi in the s was based around large cotton plantations. In order to have labor to work the fields, plantation owners purchased slaves from Africa.

Soon there were more slaves than free people in the state. Civil War The plantation owners in Mississippi began to worry about their business when northern states started to make slavery illegal.

They felt they needed slaves to make money.

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InAbraham Lincoln became president and the Civil War broke out. Mississippi seceded from the United States and joined the Confederacy. They were the second state to leave and one of the first members of the Confederacy.

Siege of Vicksburg by Kurz and Allison Mississippi soldiers took part in battles across the south.

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The most important battle that took place in Mississippi was the Battle of Vicksburg. Grant defeated the Confederates and took control of the Mississippi River. Inthe war was over and the Confederacy had lost.

Mississippi was allowed to rejoin the Union in after changing the state constitution to allow former slaves to vote. Congress makes Mississippi the 20th state.

They are forced to move to Indian Territory in the coming years. The Civil War begins.

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The Union wins and gains control of the Mississippi River. More US State History:Civil War Maps contains items from the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division, the Library of Virginia, and the Virginia Historical Society.

This presentation contains approximately 2, Civil War maps and charts and 76 atlases and sketchbooks that are held within the Geography and Map Division, maps from the Library of Virginia, and maps from the Virginia Historical Society. DWR Search. Authentic modern furniture, lighting and accessories from designers past and present.

Clockwise from top left: Downtown Minneapolis at night, U.S. Bank Stadium, the skyline from Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis skyline and Minnehaha Falls.

An editor has reviewed and approved each entry. For the very few markers without a photograph, their location was carefully researched. No other national historical marker list can make this claim, and a number of them borrow information from us, some without permission.

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