How does personal responsibility influence the work and success of a group

Personal Success personal power Your ability to persuade and influence people to help you get the things you want in life is one of the most important skills you can develop.

How does personal responsibility influence the work and success of a group

After a Roman arch was completed, the engineer who built it had to stand underneath it when the scaffolding was removed. While you might not get crushed by a giant arch if you make mistakes, you still have personal responsibility for your actions.

What is personal responsibility? It is taking conscious control of your responses to the events and circumstances in your life. You are responsible for yourself, whether you like it or not. What you do with your life and what you have done already is up to you.

Things happen to me that I have no control over all the time!

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And while you may not be able to control everything that happens to you, you are nevertheless responsible for how you think, act, and feel in response to those things.

Responsibility cannot be split. Do you think the engineers in ancient Rome shared responsibility for their creations? But as I will argue, accepting personal responsibility for your life is actually quite liberating. Benefits Of Accepting Personal Responsibility For Your Life There may be no more impactful thing you can do for yourself than to take responsibility for your life.

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There are all sorts of benefits that you will realize, and I will go over the most important ones here. When you admit to yourself that you are solely responsible for your life, you immediately recognize how much control you really do have.

Personal responsibility is also the foundation for personal development in general. By acknowledging your role in the process, you give yourself the opportunity to improve.

If you admit your mistake, people are more likely to believe you about other things you do. Your word has more meaning to other people when you take responsibility.

You also earn lots of respect when you take responsibility for your actions. It is rare for someone to willingly and without hesitation fess up for their mistakes, so when you do, you will stick out. If you develop a reputation for being the guy who accepts responsibility for his actions, people will often simply ignore the fact that you made a mistake altogether.

Fewer Negative Emotions There are all sorts of negative emotions that come with not accepting personal responsibility. When you blame others, you may feel anger or resentment towards that person. You will almost invariably feel guilty or ashamed.

The worst part about denying responsibility is an overall sense of powerlessness. Roadblocks To Accepting Personal Responsibility I wish I could say it is trivially easy to start taking responsibility for your life, but there are roadblocks that you must learn to recognize.

Each of the following is a defense mechanism employed by your mind to help protect your self-image. The question now is: Unfortunately, all too many people fall into the trap of responding by blaming someone else for the problem. They shift their own responsibility onto someone else, and judge the other person for having failed.

You spend your energy focusing on the wrong thing, like resenting another person, when you could use that energy to advance in your goals.

Drubin Making excuses is similar to blaming others, except it involves blaming circumstances instead of people. For example, I want to get subscribers to this blog by the end of the year.

If I fail, I already know what my excuse will be: Obviously, this is an unhealthy way of thinking.


Success or failure in that goal is on me and no one else, regardless of external circumstances. And by taking responsibility and recognizing this, I am more likely to take the necessary actions to succeed. Complaining Complaining is simply a focus on what is wrong.

This will make things seem worse than they are, and can easily distract you from all the good things going on in your life. Complaining can easily become a habit, at which point you will always see things in a negative light. And your focus is on the negative aspect of your situation, rather than what you can do to change it.

How does personal responsibility influence the work and success of a group

The more you complain, the easier it becomes to not take personal responsibility.Personal Responsibility was described as a foundation or pillar for each of the 7 aspects of Gumption. The analogy of a pair of shoes was used to compare how personal responsibility supports Gump tion just as Forrest Gump’s sneakers supported him when he .

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Responsibility is a contraction of the words “response” and “ability.” In other words, your ability to respond to your environment. Skip Downing, author of “On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life,” defines responsibility as “the ability to respond wisely at each fork in the road, your choices moving you ever closer to your desired outcomes and barnweddingvt.comd: Jun 17, How Does Personal Responsibility Influence The Work And Success Of A Group.

Personal Responsibility and College Success Antwan Houston GEN/ October 25, University of Phoenix Personal Responsibility and College Success Introduction Personal responsibility requires one to finally accept the truth that you are responsible .

Jul 16,  · The responsible leader exhibits this behavior in multiple directions.

How does personal responsibility influence the work and success of a group

It influences how the leader behaves with subordinates; but is equally strong in the relationship with an immediate boss and. If you cling to a desire to blame them, then you are shifting the focus away from your own personal responsibility for your life.

You Are Not Responsible For Other People Accepting personal responsibility involves letting go of the need to feel responsible for others. To help people take more responsibility for their work, provide them with the skills and resources to actually do their job.

Then, set up an environment that makes it easy for them to change, and help them to take responsibility for their decisions and actions.

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