If oil supplies get exhausted then how it will effect our lifestyle

Even if the under ground supply gets narrowed significantly against increasing demands of developing nations in particular, the alternate strategies would get a firm fillip and a good bye to the petro fuels would emerge swiftly. Even now some Govts are taking this seriously since the price of Crude is often rising frequently. In fact, we would have bigger problems with scarcit of water and pure air etc much earlier than the much feared energy crisis! World has to come out of narrow regional outlooks, to think of larger human survival issues in future.

If oil supplies get exhausted then how it will effect our lifestyle

Coal, gas and oil are those which enter the atmosphere and pollute the air. In short, thousands of industrial, domestic, and recreational petroleum applications may not be possible in the coming century.

The greenhouse effect means that when oil is burnt it releases CFCs into the atmosphere which reflects the heat from the sun back onto Earth.

Solar panels can produce electricity when installed on roofs.

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Recycling, reduction and reuse of waste products some of which contain oil keeps the products away from landfills which may be destroyed by burning. Less fuel consumption can be secured by carpooling and only using a car on long journeys - and hybrid cars run on electricity, not petroleum - and even when shopping, you can use fewer plastic bags, made with hydrocarbons extracted from oil.

Fluorescent light bulbs can replace argon-use ones, which are more efficient too. Protecting the oil reserves, combined with using hydroelectric, solar and wind power to make energy, will help these changes in lifestyle, the foremost of which is education in the developed and developing world.There is a lot you can do to reduce your risk for cancer.

Keep your healthy lifestyle on track with our quizzes, image galleries and up-to-date news. Jun 11,  · Best Answer: Nothing really.

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Our lifestyle does not revolve around our oil supplies. Only people that are completely convinced we are running out at an alarming rate worry about this. We have so much oil that we don't even pump it.

We don't even know how much is out there.

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There is Status: Resolved. An omega-3 fish oil supplement may help to lower your blood pressure, too. Be aware, though, that omega-3s can slightly raise levels of LDL or bad cholesterol, and other research has shown these may increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Therefore, understanding the perspectives and the objectives of our resources is necessary and can greatly shift our understanding of what we find.

Striving to Get Better No matter the legal battles, Charlotte Figi made it impossible to ignore the fact that medical marijuana is a very real solution for many suffering children and their parents. If the use of oil is not sustainable, then of course the added carrying capacity the oil has provided is likewise unsustainable.

If oil supplies get exhausted then how it will effect our lifestyle

and the disturbing implication is that if our oil supply declines, the carrying capacity of the world will automatically fall with it. If this sustaining resource were to be exhausted, our population would. Jul 19,  · Watch video · Burning the midnight oil on Saturday night and then sleeping in Sunday morning leads to difficulty falling asleep Sunday night—and a sleep-deprived Monday morning, says .

If oil supplies get exhausted then how it will effect our lifestyle
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