Kearlsey case study essay

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Kearlsey case study essay

In this task, you will build a case study based on the article: RBA decision A marking rubric is posted on the Moodle site, which can help you understand what is required to reach your desired level of achievement.

You will have to do research for this assignment to find some secondary data, tables and graphs from the ABS and RBA websites related to GDP, unemployment, inflation, exchange rates, interest rates and their impact on consumption demand, commodity prices, business investment and the housing market.

Suggested way to approach the task 1. Get a good understanding of macroeconomic objectives, unemployment, inflation, the role of money, monetary policy, interest rates, the Reserve Bank of Australia RBAand economic growth from course resources. Refer to relevant chapters from the set textbook and other economics textbooks for theory.

You also need to refer to other on-line articles and news items related to the case study. Draw on the work you have done at home or during workshop session solving the weekly textbook-boxed case studies as these will help you learn to think like an economist.

Read and take notes about the article RBA decision 7-Aug on pages of this task sheet. Look at the guiding questions on pages of this task sheet. These will help you apply the theory to a real life monetary policy example of economics at work. Find tables and graphs that show the current levels of inflation, interest rates, and money supply and the relationship between inflation, investment, GDP and interest rate, and use these to draw conclusions and justify your answers.

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Read the How to write essays in economics guide available in the Assessment section of the Moodle site as this will help you adopt the appropriate writing style for your case study.

Your assignment should have an introduction paragraph regarding the RBA case and applying theory to real life economics respond to the five 5 questions within 2 Five 5 body paragraphs.

Be sure to connect the paragraphs with tables and graphs and have a final concluding paragraph. Be sure you fully respond to each of the guiding questions, which are provided to give you direction when writing and building the case study.

Concepts and key terms must be defined accurately and completely. The assumptions upon which the analysis is based must be stated at the outset.

Diagrams must be drawn properly and correctly labelled, explaining the relationships they depict. Analysis overall should be provided by relating economic theory to how interest rate decisions are made and their impact on real-life economics. Review your draft case study against the marking rubric located in the assessment section of the Moodle site to be sure; you have addressed all key criteria.

Make sure you have focused on the key macroeconomic objectives and applied macroeconomic concepts and theory to the role of money, banking, inflation, interest rates and the functions of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Sources must be acknowledged using APA referencing style. Plagiarism is an issue. Do not show your assignment to your classmates.

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Due in exam week Friday 12 October Prior to the meeting, board members are provided with analysis of the economy and the financial markets by the RBA staff prepared by the Economic Analysis Department. RBA monetary policy decisions are based on these analyses as well as a range of other macroeconomic assumptions.

In addition, scenarios are provided as to the likely macroeconomic outcomes if monetary policy was adjusted. The RBA meeting occurs on the first Tuesday of each month. After much discussion, a consensus decision is reached as to whether to leave interest rate unchanged or to adjust these rates.

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The instrument that RBA uses is the cash rate and, if an adjustment is decided, it will be to adjust the cash rate by 0. The most common adjustments are 0. Since the last decade, the adjustment has been at 0. With the unfolding of GFC, the RBA monetary policy response has been to cut the cash rate six times since September and cuts have been as large as one per cent.

These cuts were designed to help Australia avoid the synchronised international recession, which hit all of the major economies in the period. Once the decision is made, the RBA Governor announces its decision and, if a rate adjustment is made, banks will potentially make changes to their interest rates the following day.The case study examines the event from a cyber security perspective.

Malicious Control System Cyber Security Attack Case Study: Maroochy Water Services, Australia | The MITRE Corporation About.

Kearlsey case study essay

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Kearlsey case study essay

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