Long term causes israeli palestine conflict

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Long term causes israeli palestine conflict

The following addresses the question of how the damage caused by the Zionist project might be reduced, or even reversed, by peaceful political means.

Long term causes israeli palestine conflict

He does not consider the latter relevant to his view on this topic, but we found it pertinent to include. Other ideas too are inherent to Zionism, but no useful purpose would be served by discussing them all here.

The notion of Jewish nationhood is a 19th-century invention,2 and like many other 19th-century inventions it is taking a long time to unravel and lay to rest. Zionism is a conceptual ideology in which it is assumed that part or all of the land of Palestine belongs to "the Jews.

Many words have been devoted to the question of how to attain "peace" between the Zionist colonists and the people who were living in Palestine prior to the Zionists' arrival.

This article is not about that kind of peace. Defining grounds on which to make peace within the status quo is not my concern here. What I have in mind is something far more fundamental: It behooves those who seek an end to violence and a just peace to at least remain open to my argument, as follows: By Palestinians, I mean all those who inhabited this region in the centuries during which it was under Turkish rule Some of those people were Jewish.

I include these Jews among the Palestinians, since they took no part in the Zionist colonization of Palestine from about onwards.


Palestine could be defined as the entire region that the League of Nations assigned to Great Britain by mandate in This included present-day Jordan, to the east of the river Jordan.

Here, however, I am using Palestine to mean the entire British mandate territory with the exception of present-day Jordan. For about the past hundred years, this Palestine, excluding Jordan, has been regarded as an emigration destination for people calling themselves "Zionists.

I regard this emigration as unlawful, since it was forced on the local population by foreign powers. The people who lived in this region did not have any resources either to repel this flow of emigrants or to conclusively disprove the political and ideological justifications that were presented for it.

The Balfour Declaration is regarded as one of these justifications. However, no one maintains that the then government of Great Britain had any authority to assign the land of Palestine to anyone other than the people who were living there.

Long term causes israeli palestine conflict

Similarly, although the United Nations assigned a portion of Palestine to the immigrants in the so-called Partition of Palestine inits own Charter stated that it had no right to do so without obtaining the consent of the mandate territory's population.

British attempts to stop the flow of immigration were inadequate, if not downright slapdash and lacking in credibility. Nor are there any grounds on which to classify the Zionists -- who established themselves in Palestine against the will of the local population -- as "inhabitants" in the sense of the UN Charter.

They should be seen as squatters in a house that was not empty. The colonial powers that controlled the primary financial and military resources within the UN in enabled these squatters to move in and subsequently helped them furnish their new home.

In his voluminous, carefully formulated book, A Just Zionism, Chaim Gans sets out to demonstrate that the Jews possess "historical rights" to the land of Palestine. Like many other commentators, I disagree; his entire line of argument is spurious.

The proposition that some Jews living today are descendants of those who lived in Palestine thousands of years ago is at best a hypothesis.The Palestine-Israel conflict is nothing new. Everyone knows it is ghastly, and it has been going on for a long time, but many people are apparently unclear about this fight.

Sep 16,  · The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been going on for decades and has a number of somewhat complicated causes, but the main issues at the heart of the strife are land and borders. Where one country ends and the other begins — and whether two independent countries should exist at all — is a big part of it.

Long Term Causes of the Israeli-Palestine conflict Essay miserably and after early successes Indian divisions also suffered defeats in Mesopotamia against the Ottomans. In search for a new way to break open the war the British decided they would need the help of the Arabs.

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Aug 04,  · In Palestine, the population who had lived there for a thousand years was driven out to make room for the Zionists. This dramatic act of expulsion is maintained by the use of military oppression. Long term causes of the conflict: Palestinian Exodus When the first Arab-Israeli war occurred in , around , Arabs fled to neighbouring countries yet were not allowed to return home creating a general undercurrent of .

Aug 04,  · The Root Cause of the Never-Ending Conflict in Palestine; and How to Fix It The notion of Jewish nationhood is a 19th-century invention, and like many other 19th-century inventions it is taking a.

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