Modern day heroes and idols for young people

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Modern day heroes and idols for young people

Why the Letter to the Galatians? The letters of Paul cane seem complex and difficult to understand. One reason, we do not easily connect with their seemingly distant culture, social structure and historic context some 2, years ago.

Because of those issues, questions and misunderstanding can abound when we read Paul letters with a modern mindset.

Modern day heroes and idols for young people

Another issue is the impression that Paul's Torah perspectives are hidden from view by his rabbinic method of Jewish teaching and a modern church focus to ignore the Bible Paul studied and taught. If we want to get a better understanding of the heart of the letter writer, we must return to the basics and foundation of Paul's letters in order to put it then into proper context.

This is the only way we will be able to fully understand the mind and spirit of the message. It takes a lot to shake perception, the roots are deep, so this commentary is extensive.

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The hard truth is that new religion view is a remnant of dispensational teaching first influenced by a Greek merchant named Marcion and I'll show you why.

If we could travel back in time to AD we would find this rich ship trader standing in Rome presenting his opinions that the Old and the New cannot be reconciled to each other.

In a nutshell, Marcion taught Moses preached about the Sabbath and the Law and Christ freed believers from the Bible He read, and studied and taught. If it doesn't just wait.

The one that says God does not mean what He says. That lie is from the mouth of a serpent that wants to poison your soul.

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Not only that, Marcion rejected the Hebrew Scriptures as well as all of the New Testament manuscripts except those of Paul and Luke, so he was branded a heretic. Yet, with a hint of Marcion in their teachings, the later church fathers began to adopt portions of his outcast views of replacement theology as Christianity and the good news of the Messiah spread to the nations far from Jerusalem.

The voice still echos from many pulpits from wolves in sheep's clothing with powerpoint presentations embedded in the aftermath of Marcion with verse snippets declaring the Bible Jesus read as old and done away with and not only will the Galatian letter be used just a Marcion did long ago, they will toss in a misinformed misunderstanding of Acts 15 as well that ties to the question: Under Pilate's order, His Roman soldiers carried out the lashings and public crucifixion see John Marcion the heretic, deemed Galatians as the pinnacle of Paul's letters because he claimed Paul did away with the Torah.

Marcion did not understand the Bible's message and turned it upside down. Marcion explained what he called the corruption of his version of the gospel on his failure to understand the context of Galatians and the true gospel of The Kingdom that proclaims God's lovingkindness and forgiveness.

Marcion's misunderstanding was driven by Biblical ignorance and and unstable hatred of Jews. Marcion forgot Jesus is a Jew. Marcion's focus was his complete misunderstanding of Paul's statement that false brethren were attempting to turn believers from the gospel of the Kingdom.

Another man by the name Irenaeus, wrote a treatise called "Aganinst Heresies. This is the same warning that Paul gives in 1Timothy 6: Now you know why Revelations speaks so strongly against the Nicolaitans.

Yet this you have:The letters of Paul cane seem complex and difficult to understand. One reason, we do not easily connect with their seemingly distant culture, social structure and historic context some 2, years ago.

Modern day heroes and idols for young people

The Call of a Lifetime Saturday, February 2, The time is now as the modern world awaits the emergence of a handful of spiritual heroes and heroines who will serve the Church as priests, religious sisters, and religious brothers.

There are brave heroes doing incredible work every day so we decided to take a look at 5 modern-day heroes who deserve their own movies. Ludden’s camp has let young people in tough. A modern day hero is someone who fights for a good cause and positive makes a difference in the world.

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There are so many things that can be improved about our great world and if you stand up to be the man who can lead the way or at least help lead the way, you will be seen as a modern day hero. (0 votes, average: out of 5) You need to be a registered member to rate this post. Get the latest slate of VH1 Shows!

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