Private equity phd thesis

Charles established the wholesale wealth management business in Australia and formulated and implemented the institutional and retail investment management strategy for the Group. Charles was also a member of the retail risk management committee and a member of the HSBC superannuation fund oversight board.

Private equity phd thesis

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Their apartment in a fashionable part of Hanoi is smartly furnished; Mai is fluent in English and has a PhD in sociology from the Australian National University. On paper, she has everything going for her in a country hungry for both education and English speakers.

But behind the confident appearance and serene smile, Mai is deeply unhappy — and her unhappiness is by no means uncommon in modernising, bustling Vietnam.

All I can remember now is the crying and the sadness. I think now it will always be there. Mai takes a deep breath and looks to the sky. There is a long pause. It was as though this part of my life was invisible to him.

It is all they think about, the only topic of conversation.


A fluent English speaker with a degree from a top American university, she is in heavy demand as a translator, working long and punishing hours to meet tight deadlines. A traditional society reshaped by revolution is being forced to adjust yet again.

Just three decades ago, as a newly united Vietnam struggled to rebuild after a devastating and costly war with the United States, and before that the French, a bold new spirit of equality was starting to emerge in social relations, but its effects today are muted.

For many of us, it is necessary to wear two faces — one in the workplace and the other at home. The explanation ran like this. In Vietnam the retirement age for women is fifty-five and for men sixty, so by the time a woman rises to a position of seniority she is close to retirement age and is not considered for further training.

Other women in the relevant agencies were considered too junior to be sent on the courses. Plausible to a point, this is hardly satisfactory — but it is a useful snapshot of the gender dilemma in Vietnam today.

Social relations generally, but specifically gender relations, have become the ping-pong ball in postwar, post-revolution Vietnam. The country is struggling to find a place in a rapidly changing world with which it seeks closer economic integration, and valued traditions and contemporary demands are increasingly on a collision course as authorities strive to strike a balance between social cohesion and modernisation.

Inevitably, the downstream impact of these conflicting forces is felt most forcefully in the household. The classic communist command economy was already cumbersome and out of date when it was adopted for all of Vietnam after the incorporation of the non-communist south into the communist north in Soon, an increasingly pragmatic communist leadership in Vietnam was forced to abandon ideology and switch tactics.

As Vietnam belatedly came to grips with modernity, the Communist Party — determined then, as now, to retain a monopoly on political power — expressed concern about the stresses on the family brought by economic liberalisation and the market economy, and the state-run media carried stories about new economic responsibilities imposing stress on families.

These issues came to a head in the National Assembly in Meanwhile, at the household level families have worked hard to be both modern and pre-modern, while politically the ruling Communist Party has striven to be both socialist and market-oriented, a precariously balanced situation in which tensions abound and distortions are inevitable.

Its Gender-Related Development Index ranking is sixty-eight out of countries. Female enrolment in tertiary education 13 per cent is close to the male figure 18 per cent and women are well if not equally represented in the National Assembly, with 27 per cent of the seats and 12 per cent of the ministerial portfolios — the leading example in Asia.The World’s Largest Curated Collection of Dissertations and Theses.

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Strategic partner of Credit Suisse Asset Management. Credit Suisse Asset Management is the asset management arm of a truly global financial powerhouse, with a footprint in 50 countries, and 47, employees from over different nations. Jul 14,  · Private Equity Real Estate Master Thesis (Originally Posted: 03/16/) Hello everyone, I am planning to do my Master thesis on a Private Equity Real Estate subject and am currently searching for interesting research questions.

Key information Duration: 4 years full time, 6 years part time Start date: Choose to start in September , January or May Find solutions to the practical problems that market practitioners and policy-makers face.

Private equity phd thesis

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Embarking on a Ph.D. program is a long-term commitment to career advancement and excellence in a field. While a doctoral program can take five to six years, or even longer, there are accelerated Ph.D. programs available from accredited universities.

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