Rear projection screen material

Optical Technology The power of projected images The optimal viewing experience Until recently, projection on big screens was only possible in a darkened room.

Rear projection screen material

Picture courtesy of Carlo Magaletti, www. The second choice is type of scrim. The two decisions are linked.

Ordinary scrim is called Sharkstooth Scrim. However for projection sharkstooth has a strong weakness. Sharkstooth is a stretchy knit fabric. You can imagine that projections from the front of the back of sharkstooth lose much of the projection strength because of those voids.

For Rear Projection sharkstooth has a second disadvantage. Sharkstooth scrim is surprisingly thick. Since thicker materials with non transparent fibers generally transmit less light, the rear projection on sharkstooth is weaker.

There are two things to note in comparing these products for projection. Silvered sharkstooth is a very good projection surface for front projection not rear projection. Lighter colors reflect more of the spectrum of light, and thus are better for front projection. However, projection on dark colors is dramatic and many like that.

What you lose in projecting on a dark surface is the whitest white, or brightest light colors.

Rear Projection Screen

So if you are projecting something that has to be high contrast like text or has bright colors, avoid the dark colors. Color choice for rear projection has a longer explanation with the same results.

Best colors for rear projection are light colors. The projector must be scaled to the venue. You can test a projector in the setting with a sample projection on a wall or light colored even surface.

Another hint about the feasibility of using a projector is what distance is it currently being used to project an image from.

Rear projection screen material

Similar distance indicates similar strength of projection. Light strength dissipates at the cube of the distance if there is no lens. So projector choice and distance between the projector and the scrim are linked questions.

If you answer one, you answer both. Shadows are always an issue with front projection. You can mitigate that issue by adjusting the height of the projector and adjusting the angle.

What You’ll Need

Rear projection still needs an adequately sized projector for the distance and size of the image. Rear projection also needs upstage space for the projector to cast the proper sized image.

A rough rule of thumb is that to create a 15 foot image, you need the projector 12 feet upstage of the scrim. This is an approximation only. You can shorten the distance needed by using a mirror. Using a mirror adds to complexity and so allow for set up time.

Projector Screens by Stewart Filmscreen

When setting up a rear projection keep in mind that the hot-spot of the projector is unpleasant to look at. So you will want to angle the projector so that the audience is not staring into a powerful bulb. Sometimes people shield the bulb and tilt the projector to project over the edge of the shield.

In the case of shadow projection you project light and block a portion of the light producing either a shadow or silhouette. So the silhouette of a 6 foot tall man is also 6 foot tall, whereas the shadow of a 6 foot man could be 2 foot or 20 feet tall.

Most people want a silhouette effect. When most people try to create a silhouette they take a strong light source place it behind the actor who is in turn behind the scrim. When they turn the light on, they blind their audience.Find great deals on eBay for rear projection screen.

Shop with confidence. Jan 16,  · You can make a rear projection screen from tracing paper or, if money's tight, then Izal toilet paper will work. Rear projection screens are made from all sorts of materials. The rear projection screen in Mission Control (or is it Mission Impossible?) is glass with an etched surface.

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Rear Projection Screens. Showing 35 of 35 results that match your query. Find great deals on eBay for rear projection screen material.

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Oct 23,  · The above picture was taken from inches PVC material rear projection screen, there are more or less color difference from its actual color, please view more pictures of this page to check its actual color. when you order other size screen, they are the same except the size, aspect ratio and the price.

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