Rumor is a great traveller

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Rumor is a great traveller

Sun, 22 Sep I have now linked this site to my own, because I am so proud of Bolton and of the intensive work done here.

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Molly and Geraldine I had already found, but there are many more whose acquaintance I would love to renew. I have spent hours on this site, every moment enjoyed and a great deal learnt about buildings and the origins of a town I consider to be one of the greatest places on the globe.

Although I love Liverpool, I miss my hometown greatly; however, the missing of Bolton is probably what prompts me to write about it, though I do hope to buy a second home in Bolton one day. I congratulate the Rumor is a great traveller on all he and his team have achieved here.

For many who live abroad, this site is supremely important, as it allows them to "visit" whenever they feel the need. It is easier for me - I am only 40 miles away - but for those with oceans and continents separating their two homes. Ruth Hamilton, email address From: Fri, 11 Oct I was born in Bolton in January and lived there until Novemberwhen my mother died and I came here to live with my older brother in Berlin, Germany.

Rumor is a great traveller

My sister stayed in Bolton, so I therefore still visit Bolton from time to time although not as often as I would like to Coming to Germany was quite a traumatic experience for me as a 12 year-old: I felt like a violently uprooted tree, seeing as everthing happend so suddenly.

I've been here for 26 years now and feel at home in Berlin most of the time I even became a German citizen in There are times when I do get quite sentimental though I feel as if there are so many "loose ends" in my biography.

Maybe somebody remembers me and would like to pick up one of these "loose ends" and contact me There I was in form 1a, my teacher was Mrs.

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If any of this information rings a bell, let me hear it! Best wishes, Andrea Bolton at least I still have my very special name! Sun, 13 Oct There was a William Makant who died in He had sons William and Robert. Robert was a farmer and William took out a lease on the Gilnow Road Bleachworks.

William's son carried on the trade as a bleacher, later becoming interested in local government and elected as the first Mayor of Bolton sometime in the mid's.

I am interested in finding the birth date of Robert and also his marriage date; and to whom.

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Thanking you in advance, Glenna M. Thu, 11 Oct He should be around Who can give me the e-mail address of the ex-lancashire people? Wed, 30 Oct Sat, 23 Nov The International Man's Glossary A-Z: colloquialisms, concepts, explanations, expressions, idioms, quotations, sayings and words.

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