Sports is good for health essay

Featured sport The health benefits of sport and physical activity Although research interest on physical activity and health dates back to the s, the breakthrough in the scientific evidence on health benefits of physical activity largely took place during the s and s. There is an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence on the positive effects of sport and physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. The positive, direct effects of engaging in regular physical activity are particularly apparent in the prevention of several chronic diseases, including: The Report from the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Sport for Development and Peace states that young people can benefit from physical activity as it contributes to developing healthy bones, efficient heart and lung function as well as improved motor skills and cognitive function.

Sports is good for health essay

The health benefits of playing sports include proper weight management, efficient functioning of the heartcontrolled diabeteslower cholesterol levelsimproved blood circulation, and lower hypertension and stress levels.

It helps in the toning of muscles and strengthening of bones.

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It also brings positive energy, discipline, and helps in building self-esteem and mutual respect. Playing sports is a favorite activity for many people around the world. It provides us with enjoyment and also freshens up our mind. However, playing sports is actually more than runningjumping, or kicking a ball on the field.

Indulging in sports helps our body function smoothly and more efficiently. Sports involve the activity of each and every muscle in our body. This strengthens the body and promotes good health.

Health Benefits of Playing Sports Playing sports is not only for fun but has many health benefits like weight management, strong muscles and much more. Healthy Heart Playing sports helps with stretching ability. Playing sports helps the heart in pumping more blood as it is a type of workout for the body.

This helps diabetics make most of the insulin present in their body. Also, physical activity helps in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

It can also help in weight management since it burns excess calories. Weight Management Obesity is a big issue faced by millions of people across the world.

Fat gets burnt and calories are shed through the rigorous physical activity involved in sports. People who regularly play sports are naturally leaner and fitter.

Lower Hypertension Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, may result in a stroke or heart disease.

It can be prevented by being physically active or by playing sports.


Some experiments showed that compared to athletes, LDL or bad cholesterol levels in sedentary people were much higher, while HDL or good cholesterol levels were significantly higher in athletes.

Improved Blood Circulation Blood circulation gets better when you start playing sports. The body remains well to sports for good health essay 🔥 Music & Concerts Nature & Outdoors Nearby NYC Nightlife Other Pets & Animals Recreation & Amusements Religous Seasonal & Holiday Events Senior Events Singles Events Sports sports for good health essay Theater & Arts Tours Wine & Dining.

Physical coordination and strength. There is a reason why sports and strength are believed to be two sides of the same coin. A person who is good at sports or at least participates in any kind of sports activity not only remains fit and healthy at all times, rather . Good health essay in english.

Silicon Sports is a non-profit, Melbourne based eSports organisation in Australia.

Sports is good for health essay

We are the founders of successful events such as BarCraft Melbourne. We also support local talent through our Pro team,, and academy program. Playing sports helps you stay in shape, teaches you how to organize your time, boosts friendships, and builds relationships with your peers and adults.

Through athletics, you gain skills that can best be acquired on a court, track, or field. Playing sports enables you to create friendships you. Essay on Sports and Health Today increasingly more people think of the necessity to engage in sport activity to be able to lead a healthy way of life.

Sport prevents many health problems and renders enormous influence on our health. First, sports are required by people to be fit, smart, and good looking. Second, sports are entertaining due to many facts.

Third, sports are the huge market for countries’ economies. In my opinion, despite sports’ advantages, many people can’t believe that sports are useful and beneficial.

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